it goes something like this in her head.

a: he couldnt talk huh?
b: who, huh?
a: you know who ..
b: huh, what?
a: he couldnt talk.
b: how do .. hum..
a: everyone knows.
b: hum..
a: nice picture. I got it..

she never gets it.

jealousy is not attractive. love is selfless, she keeps reminding herself – while continuing to feel slanted by his off-screen presence .. To think, she auditioned him.

she asks me what to do?

Love wants to be selfless, but it’s not. Lies of omission ..

So deal with it. Step back, and reassess whether or not you’re actually comfortable in the the box you are in. If you arent, can you step out? If there isnt then, or it’s .. well, you get the idea.

Its a flowchart.

shit happens, things change.

Never the bride, always the bridesmaid, she walked away with her head in her hands.


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