letters make words make sentences make letters

I guess my posts here have made their way into Google, as I got an e-mail the other evening from someone that made some comments on a couple things, and asked some questions..

Here, dear reader — are some of your answers, in no particular order:

Q: Whats with the parent post? That seems out of place. What’s it from?
A: This isnt my normal blog. On my normal blog, I’ve talked more about my parents, both in life, and death. That particular post was a response to something that was said to me by someone that lacks any kind of selfless maternal instinct.. if you know what I mean.

Q: Who are you writing about? Why? And do they know or care? Are you in love?
A: It doesnt matter who I write about, and honestly I’ve written about several people on here. I can fall in love every day. We (people) tend to be great, if we are allowed to flourish. Finding people that flourish is becoming harder and harder to do though. We are all so tightly wound. Today, I am not in love; tommorow, I might be.

Q: People are shitty. I hate my life. Do you have any advice for me?
A: Yes, generally, people are shitty. Not everyone though is as bad as you might think. Have hope!

I could get personal here, but dont need to, or want to. The simple fact is that it’s wise to take the source of anything said to you, or about you, into account — don’t let someone else’s unhealthy outlook on life mire you up. And, please dont look twice at anyone that recklessly discards you. They dont deserve you, and never will.

And then there’s this, my little mantra/song that always brings me back to what I believe in, how I roll, and the type of people I want in my life..

No magic here. Just words.