infancy AKA monday morning thoughts before I lay on my couch and watch talk shows and the price is right

1. its fun to watch Tara marvel at how we gays appear so normaL (her word, not mine). as I keep trying to find a spot to ask, “so, what do you think?”

2. I sat at a stop light this morning, and watched a guy in the truck next to me  fiddle with his phone for about a minute. when he was done, he turned on his blinker and tried to get in front of me. i could have been nice and let him in, but didnt. instead i i moved my lips to say something about his phone. seeing that, he rolled his window down, and asked me, “what did you say, did you say somethin’?”. I finally answered him with the expected, “maybe if you weren’t on your phone, you would be in the lane you wanted..”.
He promptly rolled his window down some more and called me a dyke bitch through it.

I wondered if it was okay for me yell back the N word at him.  He was OBVIOUSLY black, I thought.

3. Next Monday is the 11th, and it will be six years since my mom died. //nuff said.


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